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This blog is dedicated to displaying projects I'm working on within my second year at University. It includes work of my own, research and a collection of artists and illustrators I admire and their work.

Work that is not my own is clearly stated. Click on posts for a link to the artist.

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Part 2 of my current Brief. The poster was part one. So this ones a book project. I chose this one because I’ve recently found a love for handmade books! And since I want to go into that field when I graduate.

The Brief:

Produce a book which explores this concept – A handmade book which explores Print / Paper / and Paper Engineering – aimed at young readers. Use some of the following techniques - glue / construct / pamphlet stitch / French stitch / lap joint.

Where do I begin?

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Weirdly I have over 200 followers, so sorry if this stuff is abit boring to you. But this blog is dedicated to some of my uni work. Yeah so anyways. I’ll just carry on what I’m doing.


0 notes Finito!

Woo, poster is done. That’s one brief out of the way with! Printed it out nice and bigg too, A1. The show’s tomorrow night! Cant wait to see all the posters up, saw a good few getting printed today, they all look boss!

Pretty proud of mine, alright for a first attempt at something like this. I enjoyed it, mostly!

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Illustration’s done, just got to do all the text. So much information to put in! I wanted it simple!